An efficient production partner in biotechnology

Biosentrum specialises in contract fermentation for production, research and development, and process scale-up. Within the plant, biological products can be manufactured on a small scale or in commercial quantities. The largest fermentor has a capacity of 30 cubic metres.
Biosentrum can process a wide range of products from starter cultures to high value products, including fine chemicals and recombinant proteins.
The plant has a history as a contract research centre for development and production of various products, such as biopolymers for secondary oil extraction, biosurfactants for use in bioremediation, fish vaccines and organic acids.
Biosentrum have a research facility for the construction of production cell lines, fermenting development, and various down stream processing. Combined with the production unit, Biosentrum can offer a wide range of scale up applications.
Biosentrum is located in Stavanger, at the west coast of Norway.


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